Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Laundry Room Chaos

I could not stand our laundry room. It became a place to put things that we did not know where to put or were just too lazy to figure it out. We also have a rediculously large cat litter "dome"( I call it the Super Duper Cat Pooper. :) ) that didn't allow us to open the garage door or the door to the the hallway all the way. And of course the pile of shoes that had taken over the floor... I decided to gather things around the house, grey paint from the master bedroom, and a few other things that had not found a home yet, and began a mini make-over. I also added a stencil that I really love. My hubby was nice enough to make this shelf for the shoes, and leave some room for the "Super Duper Cat Pooper". It is amazing to be able to open both the doors!

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