Monday, August 30, 2010

Where did my bathtub go??!

In a nutshell: cut plywood to fit just snug enough over the top of the tub, covered in 4" foam, them covered with fabric. Also some handmade pillows to match and a nice matching throw. It was a good solution for us because we never use the tub. There was no damage done and this can be removed and replaced as we like it. It has become a nice spot to sit and put our shoes on after getting ready, doing the girls hair, and sit and spy on the neighbors (kidding---Hi Jessi!! :))

Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Modified Shirts

I got these shirts for Reese on clearance, $1.00 each. I added some fabric to the bottoms, and added a decorative stitch... and a pretty matching bow on each.

Girls love sports too!

Fun Girly Halloween Outfit

I have ADD when it comes to patterns and sewing, including this one. I started working on this and turned the shorts to capri's added some girly details and detail to the top as well. Pants have an elastic waste, no attention span here for zippers!

Before & After

Extra fabric = Pillow Makeovers

Nothing much to these, just excited because they were not brown and green anymore!

Felt Flowers

Directions for felt flower:
1. cut 6-8 circles (depending how full you want the flower) the same size, the larger flowers on necklaces here are about 1.5 inches.
2.Use one full circle as the base.
3.Fold 2nd circle in half, repeat with circles while overlapping on top of one another.
4.Secure in the middle with thread.
5.Add beads if you like.

Nothing Wasted

Fun crayons for toddlers- take all those broken crayons, remove papers, and fill cupcake liners (about half full). Bake until melted and let cool. Remove paper and color away! Keep in mind your cupcake pan becomes forever dedicated to crafts after this. So use an old one.

Cream Puffs!!!

I got this recipe here and it was such a success I had to share!

Here is a shot of the ones I made, I suggest freezing them, then letting them sit out for a few minutes before devouring!
Make them, share them, eat them...mmmmmm so yummy!!