Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Homemade cards over Store Bought Cards... yes please!

Bench Makeover 101

Another Before picture that I failed to take! It was a faded wood bench with faded green metal frame. I painted the entire frame black, including the wood on the back. The bottom I padded first then covered with outdoor fabric. The pillows are tied on so that they don't dissapear with our wind storms.

Leftover Curtain

Turns out I made one curtain panel to many.. since there was already the space sewed in where the curtain rod was going to go all I had to do was sew the ends together and add some elastic, and here it is, along with a matchy matchy headband :)

Oops! I forgot to take before pictures of both of these! The candle holders were dark brown and the table, a lighter wood with wicker baskets. BORING!! I love color, so I went with this bright blue and painted the baskets white. I also added some white storage boxes.

Lamp Update

I wanted to add a little bit of something to this boring green lamp shade, so I gatered some fabric under the bottom of the lamp shade and secured with a hot glue gun and added a fabric flower with some clear fabric stones.

Staying Organized

Made this with some left over plywood, fabric to match my little girls room and some matching ribbon.

Headbands and Hair Clips!!

Silk flower petals and Fabric..

Fabric and Silk Flower

Silk flower petal and ribbon.

Silk flower and fabric stones.

Suns headband, purple and orange with felt basketball.

Basball button, silk flower and ribbon..

Felt headbands..

Fabric Scraps, fabric jewels, felt and thread.

French fries and Soda... felt and fabric scraps.

Silk Flower, Old clip on earing and Tulle.

Ribbon, Button and Earing that my mom had.

Ribbon, Button and Piece from an old Bracelet.