Thursday, August 4, 2011

I heart ironing!

Well not really... but it's much more entertaining now that I can iron and look at these fun patterns at the same time. I used the original covers as a pattern to cut out the fabric and I chose to hot glue the covers to the ironing boards. They have both been on the boards for almost a year (i am so behind) and they have not moved a muscle. So easy to do!

Almost a year later...

I decided that blue for the dining table was not going to work, so I went with my favorite... black. My father in law made us this awesome sideboard, and I made some cushions and a table runner to match the curtains that I found. Oh and the chairs are from the table that we had in the kitchen, originally brown. We got a new carpet too, I'm yet to get a picture of that with the table :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dining room progress...

Our home is full of alot of furniture that was given to us by my in-laws when we got married. A lot of great furniture, but not so much my style. I like color, not a lot of wood grain in here. Here is the progress so far, my pictures are in no particular order but I am sure you can tell which are the afters :) I am torn on the chairs for this table, they all may be replaced with 6 black chairs, I think it needs some contrast. Waiting on a black custom made buffet from my father in law, a new rug (first pic is what I am thinking), and I need to make the curtains. I can not wait until this is done!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Black Pink & White...and some Blue

All that occured here was the recovering of some pillows and a new mirror to bring some life to the front room. This color palate is part of a work in progress, the dining room just next door.. more to come on that as soon as I am done.

Jelly Belly Dispenser no more!

This red dispenser has been in my panrty for 3 years!! I refused to take it out and actually fill it with candy. Last thing I needed was for my kids to be able to access candy on demand. It was getting ready for the Goodwill pile, and suddenly an inspiration. Here is what I came up with, it is now a candle holder. I painted it white and added a clear coat that was apparently expired so it gave it an orange tint. I am actually happy with that accident. I was not able to remove the jelly bello logo so I used a round vase from the dollar store to replace it. What do you think, do you have some other ideas for what you could do with this dispenser?

Laundry Room Chaos

I could not stand our laundry room. It became a place to put things that we did not know where to put or were just too lazy to figure it out. We also have a rediculously large cat litter "dome"( I call it the Super Duper Cat Pooper. :) ) that didn't allow us to open the garage door or the door to the the hallway all the way. And of course the pile of shoes that had taken over the floor... I decided to gather things around the house, grey paint from the master bedroom, and a few other things that had not found a home yet, and began a mini make-over. I also added a stencil that I really love. My hubby was nice enough to make this shelf for the shoes, and leave some room for the "Super Duper Cat Pooper". It is amazing to be able to open both the doors!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coffee table makeover number 2..

I wasn't satisfied with the blue, it was too much.. here is what I came up with. Now it is something I think we can all live with :)